2nd generation decorative skins


Skins are vinyl stickers with a heavy-duty protective lamination with a UV filter that can be applied to any device with a flat surface, to express one's  passion  and keep the device free of bumps and scratches.

Our skins are quality custom-made for each device, easy to apply and leave no unwanted residue after removal. They are waterproof and use the latest colour printing technology for long-lasting images. New technology works with microchannels on the adhesive side that helps remove air while applying the skin and leaves no air bubbles.

Why Skins? Skins are a new and fashionable way of expressing yourself. Turn your device into a statement - everyone will notice and ask questions! By providing a wide variety of designs, Skinzone brings freedom of expression to people everywhere. From school children to business-people, there is a skin for just about everyone.

3D effect
A brand new development in lamination technology brings the 3D effect! Special layer help to create this 3D effect, however the right choice of theme or picture is important. 3D effects stand out using pictures with brightness and a higher colour depth. This new material can be used on larger surface, however it CAN NOT BE USED on smaller devices like smartphones or MP3 players.

Special material effect
Instead of standard colourful skin with protective lamination customer may select special material imitating white, black carbon, leather skin imitation or brushed alluminium and many more materials which we will be adding to our material database.


Please feel free to select one of our astonishing array of motives/pictures.

3D effect

Standard lamination

3D lamination

Material imitation